(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

A collection of the best words uttered about Dan Haren’s trip to the DL, announced on Sunday.

“He’s a gamer. He wasn’t particularly pleased to go on the disabled list, but he knew it was probably the best thing.” — Davey Johnson, on Haren’s reaction to being placed on the DL.

“When you have a problem somewhere else, sometimes it transfers to another part of your body. If you’re hurting somewhere else or something’s throwing you off, sometimes it can have an effect on your elbow, shoulder. So we’ve just got to make sure he feels good.” — Steve McCatty, on Haren’s troubles.

“Maybe there’s a little bit of something going on in there that just a little bit of rest will get better. As for getting 100 percent healthy and working [on] my stuff, once I get back to feeling 100 percent, however long it takes — a week, 10 days — we’ll go from there.” — Dan Haren, being less than specific on what the problem actually is.

“He’s had some trouble getting loose.” — Davey Johnson, when asked what injury sent Haren to the DL.

“I don’t know. What’d they say?” — Dan Haren, when asked what his injury is. (“Shoulder stiffness” is the official answer.)