(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Many Wizards fans have their hearts set on Otto Porter with the No. 3 pick in this week’s draft. John Thompson III still doesn’t think the home team should get that chance.

“He’s going out, in my opinion, as without a doubt the most prepared person in this year’s draft to step in and immediately compete and immediately contribute at the next level,” the Georgetown coach told Jon Rothstein on SiriusXM’s Tim Brandon Show. “He’s just special. He’s someone that takes pride in every part of the game. He’s not just thinking about points, touches, his looks. He understands that a defensive deflection, that communication on defense is as important as a three-pointer or a dunk, and I think he’s going to have a terrific career….

“Who knows where he’ll end up,” Thompson said, when asked about comparisons with Kawhi Leonard. “Personally I think he should go No. 1. But if he gets in a situation where he is needed [immediately], he will have that same impact. The Leonard comparisons I’ve heard, read and to a certain extent agree with those, but I think the young man in Indiana, Paul George, I think Otto kind of more fits him than Leonard just in terms of the depth of things that he can do at both ends of the court. I think when people talk about versatility, they have a tendency just to think offense. But Otto, along with George, brings that versatility at the defensive end also.”

Thompson was also asked about Porter’s readiness compared with fellow Hoyas Roy Hibbert, Jeff Green and Greg Monroe.

“I’ll take Roy out of the equation, because Roy’s 7-2,” Thompson said. “But I think Otto may have a chance to be better than the rest of them at the end of the day. His ability to do so many things at both ends of the court just makes him special….From the time he walked onto campus, I said he was the most prepared freshman I had.”

(And yes, this all closely mirrors what Thompson said on ESPN 980 three weeks ago. But hey, it’s draft week now.)