(Reader submission)

Already this season, we’ve seen Nats fans doing their taxes at the stadium. Colleague Alex Prewitt spotted a Nats fan doing calculus homework at the park. Someone else found a Nats Park knitter. And then there were two newspaper readers.

Now, I thought this was all just good fun. Hey, baseball games have lots of down moments. Why the heck not ingest some old-fashioned printed words during the breaks? Sure beats staring at Twitter on your phone.

But Deadspin, in addition to running with my bit — and running faster than I could manage — has seemed to cast aspersions on these readers. So, lest there’s any confusion, rest assured that I think there’s not a thing in the world wrong with reading a book at the Nats game. I just want you to keep sending me photos of the practice. As long as they aren’t staged.

Above is a submission from Reader Liz, taken Sunday.

“This was taken during the 9th [inning],” she wrote. “The book is Fahrenheit 451.”

Of course it is.

Then there were a pair of recent readers, found by unpaid official researcher @recordsANDradio on Instagram.

And since we’re rolling, Reader Julie sent along a photo from last season. “Maybe this guy was just at a gripping part of the story,” she noted.

(Reader submission)

And heck, it’s not just baseball.

“I snapped a picture of a fan reading a newspaper at the Caps most recent (and disappointing) Game 7,” Reader Betsy wrote. “It was in between the first and second periods. I tweeted with the caption ‘only in DC’ — because, really, where else?”

(Reader submission)