(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)

As someone who is a vegetarian, and who often goes to Nationals Park, I feel like I’m the perfect person to deliver this news: PETA has ranked Nationals Park the third most vegetarian-friendly stadium in Major League Baseball, the highest our local stadium has ever ranked on this list.

Here’s the relevant blurb:

We’re not sure what Jordan Zimmermann’s secret is for keeping his ERA so low, but it’s no secret that you can keep your weight and cholesterol level low by going vegetarian and enjoying tasty meatless meals, including Nationals Park’s Sloppy Jane — veggie chili with faux ground beef — and falafel. The ballpark earned its highest ranking ever on our list. Much like Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, and the Nats’ other young stars, its potential is limitless.

Now, the falafel is first rate. The veggie hot dogs aren’t easy to find unless you know where you’re looking, but that’s obviously a winner. The healthy stand — “Field of Greens” — is always a turn-off, because who wants to be healthy at the ballpark, but it’s in a convenient location and has things like hummus and grilled veggies. That fancy “Elote” corn on the cob at El Verano Taqueria on the Scoreboard Walk is probably the nicest fancy vegetarian food in the premises, that I’ve had anyhow.

The “Sloppy Jane,” meanwhile, is totally new to me, and isn’t even listed on the ballpark’s map of vegetarian food. Which does include crab cakes and fish sliders.

Anyhow, congratulations to everyone. Except the Phillies, whose stadium finished on top for the second year in a row, “thanks to its faux-chicken patty, faux chicken-steak, faux ‘pit beef’ smothered in barbecue sauce, and other delicious vegetarian fare.” So jealous. Washingtonians should never have to be jealous of Philadelphia, either. Bring on the faux chicken-steak, please.