Bryce Harper’s Knee started its rehab assignment with the Potomac Nationals on Tuesday night, and brought a lot of excitement with it.

“On a Tuesday night it can get slow around here,” said Potomac manager Brian Daubach. “It wasn’t the normal Tuesday night for us for sure.”

Bryce Harper’s Knee drew quite the crowd, as evidenced by this fan club gathered to admire his work in the batting cage.

via @LindsayFox5


Here’s Bryce Harper’s Knee signing autographs for the people:


And here’s Bryce Harper’s Knee looking chill with its teammates:


Look at that batting stance. Looking sharp, Knee!


Rounding the bases like a champ.


Even after getting picked off at second, Knee handles the walk back to the dugout with class.




Here’s some live Knee action for good measure: