(Screengrab via MASN)

Anthony Rendon’s mullet has now survived for nearly two weeks, despite the summer heat, the humidity, and the fact that he looks ridiculous.

“It’s kind of phenomenal,” Rendon said, shortly after Adam LaRoche gave him the haircut. “I’m thinking I might keep it. It’s actually now a stylish little thing. Like, they brought back the mohawk a couple years ago; I might bring back the mullet.”

Indeed he has, and he’s kept hitting throughout. Which led to this moment in the seventh inning on Tuesday night, after Rendon got a second hit for the fourth time in five games.

“I could watch this guy hit all day,” MASN’s F.P. Santangelo said. “A lot of things he does, you can’t teach. Some you can, but most of it is just natural. Just God-given, the way he puts the barrel on the baseball almost every single at-bat. Even if he pops up, it’s barrel to the baseball….

“What’d you say Rendon’s hitting right now, .340?” he then asked. “Well the good thing about that is he’s hitting .340. The bad thing is a lot of kids in D.C. are gonna have mullets.”

“I don’t know man,” Bob Carpenter noted. “It was low 90s today. That may be a little steamy for that. Save it for the fall.”

“Go to some Little League games, guess what your’e gonna see this summer? A mullet,” Santangelo went on. “I want to be like Anthony Rendon. Nats pop into first place, I’ll get a mullet, how about that?”

“Oh brother,” Carpenter said, but I think this has legs. If he keeps talking about it, and I keep writing about it, I can easily see a situation where 20 or more Nats fans, plus Santangelo, gather together outside the center-field gates before the first home game after the Nats re-take first place in the NL East, while a local barber offers complimentary high-speed mulletizations, and I get one (1) free and easy blog item.

(Screengrab via MASN)