(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Wale was in studio Tuesday at HOT97 in New York promoting his album, “The Gifted,” when he got a surprise call. Robert Griffin III was on the studio’s line to say hello.

“Is this Griff for real?” Wale asked the DJ. “How’d you get him to get up this morning?”

RGIII was calling in from Redskins Park, at the request of the station. After Wale gave the quarterback a hard time about not coming to his show at Howard Theater Sunday night, the rapper revealed that he’d be performing at RGIII’s upcoming nuptials.

“I’m gonna be at the wedding, though. I’ma be there,” said Wale. “Me and Griff gonna perform at that wedding.”

Here’s the appearance. RGIII’s call-in is at the 3:00 mark.