Anthony Rendon’s impressive mullet has been a topic of conversation, ever since an act of rookie hazing left him with the polarizing hairstyle. While it’s not popular with everyone, you can count Drew Storen as a fan.

“I hope so,” said Storen, when asked by Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan if we’d see more mullets at Nats Park. “I don’t know if anyone else on the team will necessarily do it. When you’re trying to compete with what Rendon’s got going, it’d be like trying to golf with Tiger. It’s just not really worth it. You’ve got no shot. Anthony’s got it down pretty good.”

On Tuesday night, Nats broadcaster F.P. Santangelo promised to rock his own mullet if the Nats move into first place.

“I think the mullet could be our unofficial mascot this year and I think it’s a good rally cry for us. Hopefully we can get F.P. to rock the mullet here shortly.”

So, Jayson Werth fake beards are out. Rendon fake mullets are in. Adjust your online purchases accordingly.

Even though he’s a fan, Storen said there’s no chance he’ll be rocking the business in the front, party in the back hairstyle.

“Zero. Zero chance,” he laughed. “Because being from Indiana, people will think I’m trying to be serious.”