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My colleague Chris Cillizza has a great weekly feature called “Worst Week in Washington,” where he spotlights a political figure who has landed on the wrong side of the press. I’m stealing a page out of his playbook, and it was my original intention to award a “Worst Week” to a D.C. sports figure every Friday. But I’m generally not a cranky person, so I decided that the Bog version should be all puppies and chocolate-chip cookies. So here’s “Best Week in Washington Sports.” 

Otto Porter is having the best week in Washington Sports. Because, duh.

The former Georgetown all-American was drafted by the Wizards third overall during Thursday’s NBA draft. After donning his hat and shaking hands with the commissioner, he got right to work making nice with the local media.

“You got a young, healthy John Wall. You got a young, healthy Bradley Beal,” Porter said. “Just playing with those guys, we’re young. Just playing with those guys is going to be very exciting.”

Porter also gets the benefit of staying in Washington, where he’ll play on the same court, move only feet away from his old locker room to his new one, and stay in the city he has gotten to know well. The impact that will have on the ease of his transition is invaluable. Plus, he’ll save a fortune in moving costs.

The only dark spot on an otherwise bright few days for the new Wizard is that he may not be able to pay tribute to his dad by wearing No. 35. Despite the chatter about taking the number, it currently belongs to Trevor Booker. If this pic tweeted by the Wizards is any indication, it looks like Porter will have to stick with 22.

via @washwizards