Via John Riggins’s Facebook page and “Riggo on the Range.”

John Riggins has an outdoor show called “Riggo on the Range,” where he spends time on camera hunting and fishing with various guests. One of those guests was Joe Gibbs, and the two Redskins legends went fishing in North Carolina.

Riggins was on Comcast SportsNet’s “Sports Talk Live” to promote the show, and told the tale of a side trip he made while he was there, to visit Gibbs’s racing headquarters in Charlotte.

“The great part of that was, without giving too much away, I was able to go down to the Charlotte Motor Speedway and was able to do a couple laps in a fire suit,” Riggins said.

And then things got weird.

“We covered 14,000 miles this fall in a Winnebago. We call it the ‘Riggebago,’ which we thought had a nice ring to it,” Riggins said with a laugh. “I talked Joe into letting me take the Riggebago for a couple of laps around the Charlotte Motor Speedway. And so when I first got in there, I looked at that thing and the bank on that thing is probably 45 degrees. And I’m thinking, ‘I’m gonna lay this thing on its side because it’s top-heavy.’ We pull out of that thing where they all come out to get onto the main track, and he’s going: ‘Get up on the track! Get up on the track!’ and I’m going, ‘I’m gonna tip over.’ And he goes: ‘No you won’t. Get up on the track.’

“So I listened to him, we do a couple laps and by the second lap – he’d told me before, he said: ‘You see that point over there on the turn? You can let your hands off the wheel and the car will drive itself around that curve.’ So on the second lap I said, ‘Joe, is this the part where I take my hands off the wheel?’ And that’s when he said: ‘Time to go to the pits. This is over with.’ ”

I’m not much for outdoors shows, but I’d watch just to see Gibbs and Riggins careening around a racetrack in a Winnebago.

The show airs on the Sportsman Channel Saturday at 11:30, but there’s no info yet on when the adventures of Gibbs and Riggins will air.