(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

“All you George’s plan folks, we should make a clubhouse somewhere,” a Nats Journal commenter noted this week. “Do a dance together, make a big W, do SOMETHING to end the drought.”

Say what? Well, the Nats have four partial-season plans, named after the original four Rushmores. And most of these plans have thus far offered a nice look at a team that’s above-average when playing at home.

Abe’s Planholders have seen seven wins and three losses, after the win over Milwaukee on Monday night. Tom’s Planholders are, I believe, 7-1, and also have a meeting with the Brewers this week, on Wednesday. Teddy’s Planholders are 6-4, pending Tuesday night’s Brewers game.

But George? Poor, poor George, and his poor planholders. The Nats — who are 23-16 at home — have gone a putrid 2-8 in the first 10 games offered to George’s Planholders. They’ve been out-scored 48-28 in those games. Six different Nats pitchers have suffered losses in those 10 games, including Rafael Soriano — his only L of the season — and Gio Gonzalez, in his only loss since May 5.

“George relaxes with baseball on Sunday afternoons!” reads the description of George’s Plan. Kind of hard to tell the difference between being relaxed and being comatose, George.

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect what I believe to be the correct records, although Teddy’s still might be off.