Forever Redskin Clinton Portis talked to’s Mike Freeman about life in retirement, and two important nuggets came up. One was serious, one not so much.

* He had many, many concussions. Some of Portis’s concussions we heard about. Others, apparently, we did not.

“The truth is I had a lot of concussions,” he told Freeman, estimating that it was more than 10. “It was just the way things were at the time. I’d get hit hard and be woozy. I’d be dizzy. I’d take a play off and then go back in. Sometimes when I went back into the game, I still couldn’t see straight. This happened all the time. Sometimes once or twice a game.”

He said he “stopped counting at some point.”

* His costume collection is incomplete. “I don’t know what happened to most of the stuff,” he said. “I still have some of the various pieces. I wish I would have held onto the glasses and the wig.”

That’s borderline tragic, in a non-serious sense. Those costumes should all be in a museum somewhere.


Occasional Ernie Grunfeld critic Jason Reid has some kind words for the Wizards boss in this post-draft column. “Grunfeld is having his best run since early in his long Wizards tenure,” Reid writes. “He’s putting together a squad that appears capable of bringing back the playoffs to the District for the first time since the 2007-08 season. Now, he has to finish the job.”


“If you nailed the top 30 in a mock draft please forward it to me so I can publish it and celebrate your excellence,” Ted Leonsis writes. “I will also invite you to sit on the floor with me at a Wizards game next season. How about any one that nailed the top 10?  Anyone? Anyone? Thanks.”

Of course, predicting 30 straight selections correctly would be an amazingly improbable feat. Predicting whether or not the Wizards would make the 2012-13 playoffs offered just two choices: Yes or No. Did anyone nail that? Anyone? Thanks.

Someone was wearing a Nats hat in the front row of the BET Awards, because someone is always wearing a Nats hat someplace special. (Via @recordsANDradio)


The Buffalo News published a letter to the editor that included this argument:

If “Redskins” is a curse word then “abortion,” used in any way, shape or form, is a killing word, and anyone with any moral integrity at all should be repulsed by that horrific indifference toward human life, too.

Syndicated columnist and George Mason econ professor Walter E. Williams wrote on the issue this week, arguing that “This is the classic method of busybodies and tyrants; they start out with something trivial or small and then magnify and extend it”

Another example of the strategy of starting out small is that of the tobacco zealots. In 1965, in the name of health, tobacco zealots successfully got Congress to enact the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act. A few years later, they were successful in getting a complete smoking ban on planes, and that success emboldened them to seek many other bans. The issue here is not smoking but tyrant strategy.

You can use the Redskins issue to argue anything, it turns out.


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