(Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Bryce Harper returned to the Nats lineup last night, and wasted no time in proving that he is back. Two pitches into his first at-bat Harper went yard, sending the ball over the wall in left center.

As exciting as it was, it seems that Harper has become a bit predictable.

“It’d be just like Harp to hit a home run his first at-bat. You know he’s going to shoot for it because it’s been driving him crazy to be out,” Drew Storen told Boz during pregame media availability, three hours before first pitch. “Remember opening day? First two swings, two home runs.”

Bob Carpenter made a similar statement as Harper stepped to the plate.

“Maybe he can pretend it’s opening day and just homer his first couple of times up,” said Carpenter, moments before Harper went oppo.

So very predictable.

Harper took his victory lap and returned to the dugout where he handed out high fives and then unleashed a curious home-run celebration on Jayson Werth, a guttural scream that seemed to communicate something between the two. Perhaps “I just ate face.”

We just might have a new team home-run celebration. Throwing bubble gum is out, screaming in each other’s faces is in.

Here is video of the heroics. If the scream is your favorite part, you can scroll down and watch it on a loop.


If the scream is your favorite part, here it is on a loop via @dcuniverse.