(Via @Mark_T_Farmer)

Late last week, D.C. sports fan @recordsANDradio discovered this photo of a Robert Griffin III reserved parking space at an Arby’s in Richmond. The photo had been posted to Twitter by Redskins fan @Mark_T_Farmer, who spotted it at the fast-food outpost across the street from the team’s new training-camp facility, a restaurant that has hosted GM Bruce Allen in the past.

This being 2013, the image quickly spread, to SB Nation and NFL.com, to NESN.com and SportingNews.com, to ThePostGame and BlackSportsOnline and who knows where else.

Of course, this being 2013, by the time many of these sites posted the image, the sign was already down. The franchise owner, Dean Kovanes, had installed the parking sign on a lark, not thinking it would blow up via social media and attract attention beyond his parking lot. He told me the sign was up for just four days, and was already gone by last Thursday evening, having been immediately removed after a request from a team rep, who “couldn’t have been more polite.”

Kovanes said he wasn’t looking for publicity out of the situation, and declined to comment further.

Which leaves one more parking space for the rest of us trying to get a quick bite during our sojourn to Richmond.