There’s nothing new about prized recruits pulling hat switcheroos when announcing their college decisions. Still, latest Georgetown recruit L.J. Peak helped elevate the art to a different level on Tuesday.

First of all, he was deciding between Georgetown and South Carolina, but doing so in front of a partisan Gamecocks crowd. Secondly, he was announcing at the same time as his longtime pal Shaq Davidson, a football recruit who, like Peak, stood up in front of the crowd and put on a South Carolina hat.

Then Peak sort of shook his head, and flung the Gamecocks hat on the ground, and replaced it with a Georgetown hat. Via The Greenville News:

After entering the Gaffney gymnasium with the school’s fight song playing and smoke flying, both players sat at a table flanked by their families. Each stood, pulled Gamecocks caps out of a bag and put them on.

While the audience full of USC fans began to cheer, Peak pulled off the cap and slung it to the floor and then placed the Georgetown cap on his head. That move came as a surprise, even to Davidson.

“We talked about it, but I didn’t think he would go through with it,” said Davidson, who appeared to be shocked as Peak discarded the cap. “Everybody was cheering and then…”

Yeah. And then.

There was some kind of stunned murmuring, judging by the video, which then transitioned into grumbling punctuated by a few cheers.

Still, at least some South Carolina fans are taking this all with a smile and a laugh. Via Garnet & Black Attack:

No, Peak isn’t a “punk” or a “no class moron” for throwing the Gamecock hat on the ground. He successfully pulled off one of the better recruiting deceptions in recent memory, and I think he ought to be allowed to enjoy it. I know I would have had some fun with it were I in his position.

(Via Casual Hoya)