It’s good to be related to Gio Gonzalez.

Kurt Suzuki took the mic for MASN before a recent game and asked Gonzalez a few questions, one of them about the Nats pitcher’s big purchases when he signed his contract. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’m already broke,” Gonzalez joked. “I got a couple toys for my brother, a couple of toys for my mom.”

That wasn’t a good enough answer for Suzuki, so he asked Gonzalez to elaborate (we should get Suzuki to be a special Bog correspondent).

“Well, first I bought myself a nice house. I moved out of Hialeah, live in Broward now. I bought me, also, a nice little car. A Lamborghini. And then I bought my brother one, a Lamborghini. I bought my mom a Rolls Royce. I bought my brother a boat, and I bought my dad a Bentley.”

Only Gio would refer to a Lambo as a “nice little car.” You can see the full interview here.