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RGIII’s wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, in her wedding dress and makeup

(Via Used with permission.)

“Thank you for your article on the wedding,” wrote an actual reader of my sports blog on Monday. “I think RGIII is fantastic. Where were the pictures of the bride and the wedding party? We want to see the gown.”

Well, of course. What sort of self-respecting sports writer would possibly wrap up his or her wedding coverage without a photo of the bride, allowing readers to see the gown? Next thing you know, this same sports writer will probably admit he doesn’t even know what fWAR means or something. Sucker.

Anyhow, since the people are demanding it, here’s a photo of Robert Griffin III’s new bride, Rebecca Liddicoat, on their wedding day. It comes from her makeup artist, TV beauty personality and beauty expert Carissa Passerella, who also wrote a brief blog item on the magical day. One excerpt:

As a Makeup Artist for weddings, it’s most rewarding to see genuine love and appreciation for family, which is what I experienced over the weekend working with Rebecca Liddicoat, the now-wife of Robert Griffin III a.k.a RG3….
In the few times I met her, I found Rebecca to be sweet, unguarded, funny, and so laid back. She doesn’t have a high maintenance bone in her body and she and her family are easily one of the nicest families I’ve worked with in the 16 years I’ve been doing this.

Also, if you were wondering — which I’m positive that you were — Rebecca “is pretty, with great skin, so bringing out her best wasn’t too difficult. She wanted a little bit of drama with some smokey eyes and big lashes.”

Click the post for a full run-down of what makeup was used.

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