(Via ESPN the Magazine video)

“A star adorns the middle of Wall’s chest,” I wrote last month, when describing John Wall’s new offseason body art. “Above one breast is a tribute to his mother, which includes her name and a reference to Wall as a mama’s boy. On his back are the words “Great Wall,” made out of bricks; [the tattoo artist] eventually plans to tattoo the University of Kentucky logo — and possibly other symbols — on top of that ‘wall.’ ”

Well, little did I know that John Wall’s tattoos would soon become an offseason story, thanks to Jason Reid. And also that he would soon pose naked for ESPN the Magazine’s Body issue. Wall, not Reid.

Which has given us the above image of Wall’s “Great Wall” back tattoo, which has given us another blog post, which with any luck will give us another column and then another radio appearance and then another blog post and then I can tattoo some SEO terms onto my skull.

The great thing about “writing” a blog post that consists only of headline and screengrab, by the way, is that you can write virtually anything you want to in the yawning empty space beneath the headline and screengrab and no one will read it. The image is the only thing that matters. You’re probably not reading this right now. You’ll thus never know that USA Today is running a contest for the best iconic American food, and that Baltimore crabs and Philly cheesesteaks both made the cut, but D.C. half-smokes did not. Your loss.