(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)

Count Martell Webster among those who will not be checking out John Wall’s nude photos in ESPN’s The Body issue.

“No, and I won’t,” Webster said on Tuesday night, when asked if he had seen the picture of his Wizards teammate. “I’m not gonna pick up The Body unless…I’m not going to talk about this because my wife might [see] this. There’s other people in The Body. But I’m not gonna go into that. I’m not gonna go look at my teammate butt naked in a magazine and then text him and be like, ‘Yeah, you’re looking real good in that.'”

Fair enough.

Webster showed up to Tuesday’s summer minicamp as a spectator, sporting his ever present facial hair and a mohawk style haircut.

“Forever,” he said, when asked how long he’ll be keeping the unruly hair on his chin. “It’s growing and I’m not cutting it. Ever. I’m starting to get split ends. I’ve gotta put my relaxer back in and straighten it. I honestly feel like a wizard if I have that. I feel like a true wizard if I have this going on.”

As far as the haircut is concerned, Webster said it’s nothing compared to some of the styles he sported while with the Timberwolves.

“I guess there’s been some crazy things that happened with my hair in the past,” he laughed. “For two years I was in limbo. I didn’t really know what was going on. I guess it’s sparking some memories for some people. But it’s just a frohawk to me.”

“I might do something crazy with it,” he continued. “Stay tuned.”