Fox Sports 1 has been hyping the All-Star Game release of its fancy Fox Sports 1 commercial for days. The hype meter ticked up this week, with the release of an ad about the ad. (See below.)

“The Super Bowl of commercials,” the network’s creative director says in the behind-the-scenes piece.

“This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done,” another network exec says.

The spot features, among others, Joe Flacco, Patrick  Willis, Georges St. Pierre, Mike Tyson, Alex Morgan, Jeff Gordon, Miguel Cabrera, Southern Cal football and Lane Kiffin, and yes, Georgetown basketball and John Thompson III. The coach is even quoted in the ad about the ad.

“We’re very excited,” he says. “I’ve said the word excited 45 times.”

The Hoyas players who joined Thompson in the buzzer-beating portion of the shot, though, didn’t look particularly familiar, although they did share numbers with actual Hoyas.


“Who the hell are these dudes?” the blog @CasualHoya asked.

Anyhow, I’m sure they’ll represent the program very well. Maybe they’ll even pose for photos with Alex Morgan. Everyone else does.