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My colleague Chris Cillizza has a great weekly feature called “Worst Week in Washington,” where he spotlights a political figure who has landed on the wrong side of the press. I’m stealing a page out of his playbook, and it was my original intention to award a “Worst Week” to a D.C. sports figure every Friday. But I’m generally not a cranky person, so I decided that the Bog version should be all puppies and chocolate-chip cookies. So here’s “Best Week in Washington Sports.” 

If you’ve ever met Mark Ein, you know that he is incredibly proud of the Kastles, his World Team Tennis franchise. He constantly lobbies for media attention for his athletes, and rightfully so. He shares a town with the Redskins, Nats and Caps, and WTT falls behind most of the local teams on the fan attention totem pole.

“He’s actually the perfect owner,” said Billie Jean King last week. “He loves tennis. He gives a lot back to the community. He’s involved in education, the arts and the fabric of the city. That’s what you want in an owner.

“More importantly, he never stops thinking about the team.”

True story.

This week, claiming ownership of a winning streak record finally gave Ein the PR boost he has desired. The record-tying win made SportsCenter’s Top 10. So did the record-breaking win. The Kastles were a part of the national sports conversation, thanks in part to the alignment with the Lakers, who previously held the title. Never mind that some people think that WTT shouldn’t be in the same conversation as the NBA, for various reasons. The point is they’re in the conversation, at least for the moment.