(Via @EnriqueYebran. Used with permission.)
(Via @EnriqueYebran. Used with permission.)

“Tweets will stop in a little while for many days because you know….IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!…..AGAIN!!!” Robert Griffin III tweeted shortly before departing for his honeymoon.

And in a different era, that would have been that. The quarterback and his new bride, Rebecca Liddicoat, would have flown off to some luxurious vacation spot — in their case, Saint-Tropez, in southeastern France — and we would next have heard from him at the opening of training camp.

But this is 2013. And Griffin has become a global icon. And Redskins fans are legion. And social media rules the world.

And so, wouldn’t you know, the quarterback and his new bride would run into a longtime Redskins fan from Paraguay who was in France this week celebrating his 50th birthday.

That’s right, assuming I’m not being fooled here, Enrique Yebran came to the D.C. area from Paraguay in 1974, as his father worked in the Paraguayan embassy from ’74 to ’79.

“Soccer is my passion, but [I] fell in love with the NFL,” he explained to me on Twitter.

By 1975, he had “started to love the Skins and hate the cowboys,” he wrote, and those passions continued even after he returned to Paraguay, which is perhaps not commonly considered a bastion of Redskins fandom.

His wife presented him with a trip to Saint-Tropez to celebrate that above-mentioned 50th birthday, and wouldn’t you know it, he ran into the insanely popular quarterback from his favorite NFL team in the south of France.

“A die hard Skins fan since 1975, so you can imagine what this photo means to me,” he summed it up.

Indeed, both he and his family members were grateful to Griffin for taking time out during his honeymoon to meet with fans.



Neither man posted a photo, but after I asked, Enrique was kind enough to send along this image. Someone else at the beach posted a photo with Griffin on Instagram. Among that person’s excited hashtags: #RG3, #NFL, #RedSkins, #RandomEncounter, #NikkiBeach, #StTropez, #SuperStar, #NextBigThing, #DownToEarth, #RobertGriffinIII, #Honeymooners and, of course, #RGIII.

And seriously, if this kid can’t escape the love and appreciation of Redskins fans in Saint-Tropez, he’s kind of running out of vacation options. Minsk, maybe

(Photo via @EnriqueYebran. Used with permission. With help from @recordsANDradio)