Ian Desmond and Ryan Zimmerman were chasing down a foul ball at Marlins Park on Saturday when Desmond came dangerously close to colliding with Billy the Marlin, Miami’s mascot.

Billy, standing near the field on the lower level in his big plastic head, stuck his hands out and swung around to try to catch the foul. Desmond almost met the business end of Billy’s pointy snout.

“Billy the Marlin could have killed them right there with his [nose]. Did you see that?” F.P. Santangelo asked during the broadcast. “That can do some damage, guys are going for a foul ball?”

Someone should put a cork on the end of that thing.

It was a fishy move by the Marlin to not get out of the way, but Desmond took it in stride, giving Billy a pat on the head before trotting off.