(Courtesy of Amanda Rykoff)

Some of you are about to be outraged.

Lipton is now the official iced tea of MLB, beginning with last night’s Home Run Derby, and they’ve chosen a controversial tradition as their marketing platform. The beverage company will brand the wave during the season as “The Lipton Rally Wave,” and will be using video board graphics and in-game announcements to cue fans to begin the stand-up-sit-down process during games throughout the season.

“We thought about the fan experience and we looked at the wave and kind of considered it that quintessential time when every fan connects in a shared way,” Marc Hanson, marketing director for the Pepsi Lipton Partnership, told Sports Business Daily. “To us, it felt like sharing iced tea at home.”

Clearly Hanson doesn’t read the Bog or he’d know that not “every fan connects in a shared way” when it comes to the wave.

The branded wave began at last night’s Derby, and the company recruited the team mascots in attendance to get the fans involved. And yes, that apparently included Screech. I guess this means that the Nats will be forced to encourage the wave at Nats Park. Terrence must be thrilled.

Here’s a pic of some of the mascots starting the wave last night, courtesy of Amanda Rykoff.

(Courtesy of Amanda Rykoff)