(Via Clark Toys)
(Via Clark Toys)

The first year of “Griffining” has almost expired, but the thing itself apparently has not. Sure, you don’t hear the jokes as much any more, and ESPN is no longer doing segments on it, but Redskins fans keep going to exotic places, and they keep sitting down and raising their arms, and they keep posting the resulting images on the Internet.

Plus, there are Griffining bobbleheads, as seen above.

Plus, there is Griffining in EA’s new Madden NFL 25 game.

“The catch is the defense has to knock RGIII on the ground first,” our man on the inside, Clint Oldenburg, reported. “Not any easier digitally than real NFL!”

As for the travel pics, that trend hasn’t seemed to abate during the offseason. Nary a great tourism spot has escaped this pose. Although, truth be told, I couldn’t find anyone doing it outside Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Kind of disappointing, really.