This appears to be the winning combination. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

If you’ve ever wondered which uniform combination the Nats perform the best in, has you covered. The site has spent the first half of the season tracking wins and losses in each uniform worn for every MLB team, and provided the handy graphic below.

The results, sent along by Reader Andrew, revealed some interesting trends. The home whites are king; the alternate reds, not so much. Also, there’s this nugget about the home caps:

In the off-season the Washington Nationals, during their efforts to improve an already division-winning ballclub, unveiled a new cap. This cap was to be worn for home games, red on the top, blue on the bill – a reversal of their road cap and just slightly different from their existing home cap – the all red one the club had been wearing for a few years now for games in the capital.

Well, either that new red/blue cap is unlucky or the incumbent all-red cap is just pure success, pick whichever way you wanna go, when wearing the unlucky lid the Nats are 4-9, a .308 winning percentage, and these are all home games, allowing 4.8 runs per game. Now when going all-red at that very same ballpark the Nationals are an incredible 21-8, a .724 winning percentage, allowing only 3.07 runs per game, that’s a drop of almost 2 runs per game.

So, white jerseys and red caps for the rest of the season?

Here is the Nats chart. I haven’t independently verified the accuracy of the data, mostly because the idea of looking at photos from 95 games and cross referencing them with wins and losses gives me a headache.