Julie Jacobson/AP

My colleague Chris Cillizza has a great weekly feature called “Worst Week in Washington,” where he spotlights a political figure who has landed on the wrong side of the press. I’m stealing a page out of his playbook, and it was my original intention to award a “Worst Week” to a D.C. sports figure every Friday. But I’m generally not a cranky person, so I decided that the Bog version should be all puppies and chocolate-chip cookies. So here’s “Best Week in Washington Sports.” 

The short headline on Wednesday’s summer league story was “Vesely powers Wizards to victory.” Really, it was. Jan Vesely went 9-of-11 for 18 points in 22 minutes against the Nuggets on Tuesday. And hey, look! A dunk!


“I just came here to work hard,” Vesely said. “I just need to settle down and play my game.”

In addition to surprising people by making some free throws in Las Vegas, Vesely got to check out some Cirque du Soliel, visit the Hoover Dam and do other fun, touristy stuff.

I know, I know. You’re saying, “Sarah. I know it’s the slowest week in sports and all, but should we really be glorifying a summer league performance as being an athlete’s best week?” To which I reply, Shhh. Look over there. A fadeaway jumper!

(videos via TruthAboutIt)