(Via @Thurminator)

Cal Ripken was at Nats Park at least twice this weekend, as part of his broadcasting duties with TBS. The second time — Sunday afternoon —  he had many interesting things to say, as noted by Adam Kilgore, including this, when asked if he’d ever been approached about working for the Nationals.

“I’ve known the Lerner family for a while, and they’re great people,” Ripken said. “I sat with Mike Rizzo [Saturday] night, mostly so I could pick his brain for our telecast. I needed to cram for what I was doing. But it’s interesting. From afar, they’ve done some nice baseball things. But the answer is no. But I like the ownership group. I like Mike a lot. I like what I see in the organization.”

This naturally led Kilgore to briefly wonder whether Ripken could ever serve as the Nats manager. And while that might seem unlikely, at least one fan is already ready.

Longtime reader @thurminator spotted this chap in Nats Park on Friday night. Yes, that’s a “Ripken” Nats jersey.

And yes, my pals at Mister Irrelevant wrote about someone in a “Ripken” Nats jersey last summer, possibly even the same person. Still. This person should be written about every time he appears anywhere, because he’s super weird.