A few weeks ago, Logan Paulsen received a video from a friend, with a message that he’s been waiting on for a year.

Last July, Nick Ekbatani, Paulsen’s former college roommate and teammate at UCLA, lost a leg in a horrific motorcycle accident. The Redskins tight end decided to use his facial hair to pay tribute to his friend.

”One of the things I do every season is grow a beard and kinda be gross,” Paulsen told me at the time. “But this season I’m growing it out for my friend and I’m not going to shave it until he can walk again. It’s kind of a daily reminder, when I look in the mirror, of what he’s going through.”

A few weeks ago Paulsen logged on to his Facebook page to find this video from Ekbatani, titled “Dear Logan Paulsen…”


It’s a little dusty in here.

“It was really good to see him walking,” said Paulsen, who told me that he immediately shaved his beard and sent a video back to Ekbatani. “It’s a great thing to be able to see it, and to have him send the video was really cool.”

Paulsen’s wife, who has been patiently dealing with the mess of a beard her husband has been sporting, was behind the video camera for the ceremonial shaving.

“She was very, very happy,” Paulsen said, admitting that the emotion was both for Ekbatani and the relief of seeing the beard go. “She kind of teared up a little bit.”

Here’s a clip of Paulsen’s video (full version coming soon). I find the Rocky background music quite appropriate.