(via @MartellWebster on Instagram)

Martell Webster hosted the Family Fun Day in Portland on Sunday, an annual event open to everyone in the community. The day included a morning outdoor yoga session, a basketball clinic, face painting (as seen above), arts and crafts and a video-game station, along with music and free lunch.

“It’s a chance for families to get out, bring their kids and mingle and just get to know one another,” he told me a couple of weeks ago. “I do a little mini-camp for the kids, but it’s mostly for everyone to just get out and talk. Anybody can come. You can come from Uzbekistan if you want to. Just come through, have some free food.”

It’s unlikely that anyone from Uzbekistan took him up on his offer. Maybe next year.

With his new long-term contract with the Wizards, will Family Fun Day be coming to the District?

“Of course,” Webster said. “I just had to make sure it was a official. I needed some longevity and I’ve got that here, so I’ll definitely be involved in the community with my foundation.”

Webster offered an update on the day with an Instagram video and some pictures.

Martell Webster does yoga with attendees of Martell Webster Family Day. (courtesy of the Martell Webster Foundation)