As always, I post these not to disparage the people reading, or knitting, or googling, or e-mailing at Nats games.

As always, I freely admit that I sometimes go to Nats Park and stand way up in the outfield Corporate Beer Scoreboard Walk and talk to friends and test the temperature of the Corporate Beer to make sure it’s appropriately cold, which sometimes involves not paying the maximum amount of attention to the game.

Still, it’s just kind of funny to note all the many people furthering their intellectual pursuits at the ballpark. And/or reading celeb mags.

So, the latest compilation. (See previous versions here and here and here and here. Thanks, as always, to @recordsANDradio for helping.)

Above, we have a photo from early July, during a game against the Brewers. “Nats game is boring. Let’s start knitting instead,” writes Reader Matt.

Then there’s this woman, who appears to be catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.

“This was Saturday night in section 217,” writes Reader Lisa. “She was reading from the first inning on. When she finished, she opened a second magazine!”

(Lisa Farbstein)


More magazine reading, also in early July. “Another Nats fan with laser focus,” notes Reader @Liar_George.


And more arts and crafts. “Bottom of the 9th, the most tense part of the game and Nats fans……knit,” writes Reader @Souleaz. NOTE: A reader tells me this is actually crocheting, not knitting.


There are also electronic pursuits. Like this woman checking her e-mail, via @RyanJKelly.


Or this guy. “Bases loaded, 3-2 count. This dude is googling cummerbunds,” writes @JulieMerks.


Same guy! “We’ve moved on to an iPad and furniture shopping. #secondinning #natitude,” she writes.


This is a different way to use technology. “She’s using her iPad as binoculars,” @dcbigjohn points out. “Which is basically watching tv with a [bad] camera.”


Mixing technology with reading, here. “Person in front of me reading their Kindle at the #Nats Game,” writes @zimsfaces.


And more reading. “Brewers fan reading at #Nats game. Happy 4th!” writes @Mcely.



“People reading books at Nationals Park dot tumblr dot com,” writes @SeanMMcNally.


“Reading a fantasy wizarding magazine,” writes @dGood3. Are those real things? The magazines, not the wizards.


And finally, please observe balloon boy, in a photo by Carol Ann Hilton. This is apparently a team employee in a Dodgers t-shirt who’s being mocked as a stunt, but with all that I’ve seen, I was fooled into thinking this was a genuine Nats fan.

“I think this is a worthy successor to the people reading/doing taxes/knitting/etc.,” wrote Carol, who was as confused as I was. See more on her Flickr Photostream.

Note: This item was changed from its original format, to lessen my embarrassment over being fooled into thinking balloon boy was a real fan.

(Carol Ann Hilton)