the Washington Redskins play the Buffalo Bills in the first pre-season
(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The offseason, blessedly, is about over. There are still weeks more of filler, but at some point, people will actually play sports game athletic contests, and theoretically we will write about those instead of about news conferences, text messages, TV interviews and tweets.

Or, at least, in addition to.

That said, this seems like a fun time to sum up some of the things that RGIII and his relatives have said about Mike Shanahan, and that Mike Shanahan and his relatives have said about RGIII over these endless few months.

I write this not to suggest any sort of hard feelings, but merely because … well … because a colleague suggested I do it.

Mike Shanahan, January 6: “[Griffin] said: ‘Trust me. I want to be in there, and I deserve to be in there.’ And I couldn’t disagree with him You have to go with your gut. I’m not saying my gut was right….I’ll probably second-guess myself.” (LINK)

RGIII, January 6: “You respect authority, and I respect Coach Shanahan. But at the same time you have to step up and be a man sometimes, and there was no way I was coming out of that game.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, mid January: “I had Robert’s best interests at heart. I wish he hadn’t gotten hurt. We’re going to do everything we can to help him and support him as our quarterback. I know he’s going to make a speedy, full and fast recovery.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, mid March: “The one thing he is going to have to learn how to do is how to slide, how to throw the football away, how to protect himself….You can’t take shots consistently in the National Football League.” (LINK)

RGIII, mid March: “My first NFL season and my injury that ended it showed me a lot about the league, my team and myself. i know where my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well.” (LINK)

RGIII, April: “I don’t feel like playing against the Seahawks was a mistake. But I see the mistake IN IT. With what happened and how everything was running — you take me out. If that happened again next year, I’d come out of the game and sit until I was 100-percent healthy.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, late April: “The thing we’ll make sure of is that Robert never plays if he’s not 100 percent. If he tells me something, I won’t believe him this year compared to last year. That’s just a joke. I think.” (LINK)

RGIII’s dad, late May: “Coach Shanahan, he’s seen a lot over his years in football. He knows what works and what doesn’t work. Sometimes new things are great. But there are some things you have to have in your game. Like in basketball — the fast break is great, but you’ve got to have that half-court game. I think for [Robert III], he likes some of the things that they do. And he feels any area where he had a concern, he addressed it. And I think [the Shanahans] have concerns, too. We want to have a united community.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, Late May: “Remember, the zone read probably gave Robert more time in the pocket than anything you could do in the National Football League.” (LINK)

RGIII, late May: “There was an unfortunate situation there at the end of the season. I don’t think there’s anything [in the relationship] that needs to be repaired…. Coach and them, they know exactly what they’re doing. We’ve had talks about the offense…. It’s not that ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ It’s more we’ve just got to go out there and be united as a team, united as a staff, to go out there and be successful.” (LINK)

RGIII, late May: “We hashed everything out. We talked, and we’re moving forward from it….We’re on the same page.” (LINK)

Kyle Shanahan, mid June: “Guys have got to get used to sliding, knowing when to fight for yards and when not to fight for yards. I think it’s harder for guys their rookie years because the speed of the game is a lot different, where you used to have a little more time to slide. … It’s not just Robert, it’s all quarterbacks. I think a lot of rookie quarterbacks, it takes time to get that feel. They learn through experience and I think Robert had a lot of experience last year and I think he’ll definitely be better from that. We’ll keep harping on it and I think it’ll come natural for him.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, mid June: “That’s my thing to the doctors: Don’t tell me he can go and then all of a sudden say, ‘Oh my God, he wasn’t quite ready. You used him wrong.’ I don’t want him out there if he’s not ready.” (LINK)

Mike Shanahan, late July: “Rookies want to play. But they better be honest with you, because if they’re not, it could be a guy’s career….I think Robert will tell you he’ll be more honest with me.” (LINK)