(Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)
(Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

The Post recently ran an excerpt of Dave Sheinin’s upcoming RGIII book, and there was a brief passage that talked about politics, even quoting from John McPhee’s famous profile of Bill Bradley from the ’60s. Let me excerpt the excerpt:

You get the feeling that, in his perfect world, he would play in both the NFL and NBA, run the hurdles in the Olympics every four years — and practice law, run for public office, design augmented-reality worlds, make hit records, and star in movies on the side….

People close to Griffin take it as a given that he will make good on his vow to go to law school and become a lawyer, and many of them also believe he will eventually run for office. In March 2013, when Griffin was honored by the Texas State Legislature, Rep. Sarah Davis of Houston revealed that she had met privately with Griffin that morning and told reporters, “I think we will see RG3 run for office very soon — when he’s ready to retire.”

Oddly, though, no one seems to know exactly what his politics are. I have conservative friends who are convinced he is a reliable conservative, and liberal friends equally certain he shares their views.

Heck, even Michelle Malkin has weighed in on Griffin’s politics, after his famous “tyranny of political correctness” tweet.

“He has, I think, one of the most interesting Twitter feeds,” she said on Fox News, while speculating that his comment referred to reaction to Jason Collins’s coming out. “It’s always perilous when sports figures dip their toe into politics and don’t hold the conventional opinions.”

Well, the quarterback recently entered into a rather lengthy discussion with some fans on Twitter about the meaning of equality in America. And I’m pretty sure he’s done it again, offering enough vague hints that both sides will continue to believe he shares their basic worldview.

Me, my worldview is just that of an increasingly creepy Internet stalker.