If I’m going to transcribe Manny Acta on the Nats’ struggles, I might as well transcribe Vinny Cerrato on RGIII’s comeback. Remember, training camp starts in 24 hours. Theoretically, that will put an end to headlines like “Vinny Cerrato on RGIII’s comeback.’

(Obviously, it won’t really. I’m just joking. Every time Vinny Cerrato talks about the Redskins for the rest of his life, I’ll probably write about it. Until one of us croaks. Maybe I’ll actually go out while typing up Cerrato’s thoughts on the Redskins some day. That would be fitting. In fact, I’m putting that in my screenplay. Thanks for the idea.)

“You got to take it slowly,” Cerrato said on CBS Sports Radio’s Morning Show when asked about Griffin’s return to the field. “You’ve got to walk with kid gloves — just because of all the things, how it went down. Mike Shanahan’s got to be very tentative in what he does, just because of the way things were handled last year. So I don’t know that he gets much preseason action.”

Agreed! Then Cerrato was asked if he thinks RGIII will start week one, which is basically a given.

“It all depends on how he goes throughout,” Cerrato said. “If he’s ready, I think he starts. But I think they will be protective in that first game. It’s a Monday night game against Philadelphia — I don’t know that they let him go run and do a lot of things.”

“They’ve got to preach to him about playing smarter,” Cerrato continued. “You don’t have to win it with your legs; you can throw from the pocket. I think that’s the thing they have to work with him on, preach to him on, is play smart. Play smart — you don’t need to take hits. And if they can get him to do that, then he’ll play. But I think it’s going to be very tentative here at the beginning. He’s not going to get hit or touched for a long time.”

Is your life better now than it was, say, 23 seconds ago? Probably not. But it can’t be much worse, either. Vinny and I helped you stay medium for 23 or so seconds. There are worse things. Probably.

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Maybe it’s ok to mix AL and NL team gear during one ballpark trip. But the Cardinals and the Nats? At Nats Park? Where the Cardinals eliminated the Nats from the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion? Is that ok? That seems weird. (Via @allenjkha)


Watch Otto Porter dance with two kid reporters on draft night. This is fun. Via @hoyablue.


Boz on the Rick Eckstein firing was some classic stuff. Including this passage:

Rizzo has been annoyed at Johnson for his off-the-cuff, not always correct comments to the media about injuries. The GM thinks that’s proprietary info; Davey believes in candor — and he’s a blabbermouth, too. But everyone is a package of qualities. If you want great strengths, they come with connected weaknesses. A big part of Johnson’s managerial success is that intrinsic honesty. He’s the anti-Mike Shanahan, who thinks the sunrise is his personal secret. As much as anyone in baseball, Johnson means exactly what he says and accepts all consequences.

That’s beautiful writing, whatever you think about the argument.


Via Richmond.com, “Some local bars / restaurants have partnered with Loveland Distributing and others to fund a [free] trolley that will run a loop during the break during Redskins Training Camp.” Yes, that means free transportation to local watering holes. And to local feed troughs, I guess.


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The Nats host the Pirates at 7 on MASN. The Mystics are on NBA TV at 11:30 a.m. There will be Redskins press conferences. All TV and radio listings are here.

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