(Courtesy of an anonymous reader) (Courtesy of an anonymous reader)

The first lady is taking in the game at Nationals Park today, drinking Diet Coke and possibly eating a hot dog, via a reader who was able to snap a few iPhone photos before the secret service stepped in and said to knock it off.

Michelle Obama was also spotted at a Nats game two years ago, when they beat the Cubs, 5-4. If they can manage to not blow it against Pittsburgh today, she’ll be 2-0.

Her husband, meanwhile, is 0-2 (an opening day massacre against the Phillies and a Strasburg outing against the White Sox in 2010) — with a combined 13 earned runs and one embarrassingly high and wide first pitch.

Update: Not blowing it against Pittsburgh seems more daunting now. But it’s probably not Michelle Obama’s fault.


Update: FLOTUS still undefeated.


(Courtesy of an anonymous reader)