UPDATE: Bryce Harper’s walk-off on Thursday afternoon means the deal is on. NATS50 is active Friday at Papa John’s. Go crazy, everyone, go crazy.

A reader posed an interesting question this week: how has the Nats’ anemic offense, coupled with the drastic change to the rules governing Papa John’s 50-percent off deal, affected the total number of 50 percent off pizza days to date?

Recall: last season you got the special deal whenever the Nats scored at least five runs in a victory. This year, the stakes were raised, and seven runs and a victory were needed.

Through 101 games last year, the Nats had qualified 37 times. Through 101 games this year? Just 16 times, including none since July 7.

That’s a fairly sizable 57 drop in Papa John’s specials through 101 games. Fire everyone.

Of course, were this year’s rules in place last season, the Nats would have qualified only 21 times through 101 games. That would make the decrease a more palatable 24 percent.

And, bizarrely, if last year’s rules were in place this season, the Nats would have reached the identical number of specials: 37. That’s because in 21 of the team’s 48 victories to date, the Nats have scored either five or six runs — the totals that qualified last year, but do not qualify this year.

That concludes today’s lesson in pizza-based baseball journalism. You’re welcome.