I normally like to avoid pop psychology in my sports reading. I don’t want to read about rookies too young to know they shouldn’t be winning, or oft-burned veterans who choke when the stakes are highest, or teams rallying around perceived media slights, or Tiger Woods.

But I’m going to go ahead and venture one bit of pop psychology in this space, with the following observation: If you wear a Cowboys jersey, or a Steelers jersey, or a Giants jersey to Redskins training camp, you are crying out for attention. This cheap thrill of having people point and jeer is now acting as a substitute for some other, deeper issue in your life. Back away from camp, go get a chai latte, and think about why you are so desperate for strangers to notice you.

Also, if you wear a Cowboys jersey with a Yankees hat to Redskins training camp, you are possibly hopeless.

Watch videos of these fans being booed at Hogs Haven.

(Images via @_JakeRussell, @ParkerSports and @CamAyoub21)