(Via @bforte22)
(Via @bforte22)

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about Dan Hellie leaving WRC for NFL Network, and the end came quick. Hellie turned in one final day at Redskins training camp, and now it’s off to a national platform.

It was a memorable final day, though. First Chick Hernandez blasted him in the face with a whipped cream pie as onlookers gawked and Dianna Russini massaged the whipped cream into Hellie’s scalp.

“Your last night here, I think there’s nothing better than…” Hernandez said, before delivering the sweet cream into Hellie’s punim.

“ORUGHGHOFFOFRGH,” Hellie replied. Watch the video here.

“Luckily Chick is a good guy; it’s not shaving cream, it is whipped cream,” Hellie then reported, licking his fingers. “And I noticed people kind of congregating around here with their iPhones, and I had no idea why. I thought it was just because of me, right? They wanted to see the clown show.”

That was during the WRC 6 p.m. broadcast. Five or so hours later, Hellie was back in D.C., so he could sign off from the anchor desk. The crew played a tribute video, with many Hellie Highlights. Watch it here.

“We’re gonna miss you, man,” John Thompson III said on the clip. “It’s been a great eight years, good luck at the NFL Network, don’t be a stranger.”

“He’s more than a pretty face,” Ian Desmond noted. “He’s a good guy, he’s always been good to me, and he was a good anchor.”

“You are more than a pretty face, Dan,” Doreen Gentzler said after it was over. “It has been a real joy working with you. You know your stuff, but you’re also a lot of fun, a great sense of humor, and we got you something that we knew that you could use, Hollywood Hellie. We know you’re particular about your hair, and there’s gonna be a lot of competition out there in L.A.”

“Nothing like four or five half-empty bottles of hairspray,” Hellie said.

So many of these things will never happen to me. Especially the hairspray.

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