(Chelsea Janes/The Washington Post)
(Chelsea Janes/The Washington Post)

I was kind of up in the air about posting John Feinstein’s thoughts on the Kastles and Mark Ein, because that story’s relationship to news is approximately the same as preseason football’s relationship to sports.

But then a colleague pointed out that nothing does as well for me, traffic-wise, as items featuring a certain generation of Washington Post star writers. Which probably says more about me than anything else.

With that said, here we go. You’ll recall that Michael Wilbon defended the Kastles’ world-record winning streak on PTI earlier this month, saying “Mark Ein knows how to do this. The owner of this whole thing, the orchestrator of this whole thing, who’s my friend.” Wilbon later went to a Kastles match, sitting in prime seats, near Serena Williams, as seen above.

John Feinstein somehow got to talking about the Kastles during his weekly appearance with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, and he had a slightly different opinion. (Audio here.) This happened after someone mentioned Frank Hanrahan, who served as the Kastles’ PA voice.

Feinstein: I like Frank, a lot, but he’s been working for the Kastles. My God.

Eric Bickel: You don’t enjoy the Kastles? That’s a nice little evening out.

Feinstein: Here’s the thing about the Kastles: That’s exactly right. That’s a perfect description. It’s nice, minor league tennis. All right? And Mark Ein goes around trying to compare the Kastles to the Lakers’ streak? That’s like comparing my brother winning four club championships to Mickelson’s five majors. And by the way, just for the record, the San Diego Sockers won 48 in a row playing indoor soccer. That’s what should be compared to the WTT, because they’re both minor leagues.

Bickel: Yeah but John, you like the minor leagues. You’re all about the underdog.

Feinstein: No, I do, I do. But I would never compare an achievement in the minor leagues to an achievement in the major leagues.

Jason Bishop: [Ein’s] just self promoting.

Feinstein: Well put, Jason; he’s a self-promoting you know what.

Bishop: Oh, you don’t like Mark?

Feinstein: No, I don’t like Mark Ein. He’s Snyder without the smirk.

Hanrahan: Hey John, didn’t you do the TV for the first game?

Feinstein: I did. I did. I did. I took the money. I sat there all night feeling like I needed a shower, and not because it was hot.

Everything about this was perfect. Everything.

(Idea via @DCUniverse. Photo via @CJanes15)