(Courtesy Gus’ Bar and Grill)

I called Gus’ Bar and Grill Friday afternoon with the hopes of asking owner Spiros Flemotomos why he had decided to name a sandwich after Robert Griffin III.

But Flemotomos was unavailable. He was in the kitchen, making more taco-seasoned sirloin. See, the sandwich had been far more popular than expected, so the restaurant was rushing to prepare more ingredients.

The sandwich, known as the ‘Griffin III,’ features the above-mentioned taco-seasoned sirloin steak, grilled with onions and green peppers, served on a toasted footlog sub, with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo and cheddar cheese. It comes with your choice of side.

It debuted on Thursday. By Friday, it was a thing.

“He was born and raised in Greece, a huge soccer fan, and the first football team he saw play when he came to America was the Skins,” said Gus’s Leah Czarnecki, repeating what Flemotomos had told her in the kitchen. “He became a big fan. So he wanted to name a sandwich after RGIII with the Redskins coming to town.”

Gus’s is walking distance from Skins training camp; it’s located on the edge of the Fan, at 2701 W. Broad St. The restaurant has a special Skins-themed logo, and has already hosted ESPN’s Ed Werder this week.

Gus’s Bar and Grill offers up the RGIII, a foot long sub. They sold out at lunch today. pic.twitter.com/kfliFoU3ny

Do you know a local business or residence doing something special for the Skins? Let us know.

(Gus’ Bar and Grill)