(Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

The good feelings from Friday night’s Nats walk-off win quickly disappeared in a vortex of schism-like bad news, as Drew Storen was demoted and Tyler Clippard lamented the events that led to that move.

Still, let’s ignore that for a minute — and also the standings — to instead focus on Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman and mid-sectional celebrations.

See, if you remember, Bryce Harper walked-off the Pirates on Thursday afternoon with a bottom-of-the-ninth homer. That led Ryan Zimmerman to grab his mid-section, as seen above.


Then, in the second half of Friday night’s day-night doubleheader thing, Zimmerman walked-off the Mets with a bottom-of-the-ninth homer. Harper returned the favor; after Roger Bernadina lifted up Zimmerman’s jersey, Harper repeatedly punched him in the fleshy mid-section area that was exposed.

See? No schisms here. Just good old-fashioned fun.

See the punching below, via @recordsANDradio.