(Via @KYanchulis)

I don’t know if the Nats have a schism in their clubhouse, but this messy season has caused some schisms in the fan base, many centered around Drew Storen. Some fans think it’s gauche to boo the reliever, while others think it’s perfectly fine. Some people think Tyler Clippard was being an apologist by complaining about Storen’s handling, while others think he was being a great teammate. And some people were happy to see Storen demoted, while others thought it was the wrong move.

I didn’t notice any tributes to Storen at Saturday afternoon’s game, but apparently they were there. Reader @KYanchulis sends along this photo of a “FREE DREW” sign. Others apparently wore Storen shirseys as a sign of solidarity.

We’re all going to need a group healing session sometime in November. Hugs all around.