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I usually like to think of myself as being non-judgmental in the ways of sports fandom. Root for who you want, how you want, when you want, with whatever accoutrements seem appropriate to the situation.

Read books at the stadium, or not. Do the wave, or not. Boo, or not. Order the vegetarian tempeh-based Sloppy Jane, or not. Actually, definitely order it. Here, take a look. You’re telling me that doesn’t look delicious? I mean, how can anyone sit there and watch the game while knowing that little beige pile of soy-based heaven is so close by? Just think of Nats Park as a beautiful temple of tempeh, and the ticket price is like a cover charge that will give you access to four, five, nine Sloppy Janes.

But anyhow, all that aside, I think it’s super weird to wear logos of both teams that are playing at the same time. Fine, fine, maybe you grew up in Pittsburgh, or St. Louis, or New York, or L.A., and now you live in D.C. I get that, especially if the second team isn’t in the NL East.

But wearing both logos at the same time sort of implies an existential crisis, a frozen purgatory in which you’re forced to forever watch one of your kids play the other in a death duel of badminton, simultaneously cheering for both to win and neither to lose and the earth to sort of veer off its usual course and just sort of drift around in a giant haze of lightly barbecued tempeh.

I mean, there have been three series since the All-Star break, and I’ve been sent images of five confused fans, featuring the logos of all three post-all-star break opponents mixed with the Nats. Including one guy with a 50-50 Nats-Pirates shirt. This is weird, people.

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