(Via NBC Richmond)
(Via NBC Richmond)

If you hang out on the Internet, you’ve already seen the video of the hysterical Redskins fan sobbing hysterically after failing to get any autographs on the first day of training camp.

That short clip kind of became a thing last week, landing on Deadspin, Pro Football Talk, Shutdown Corner, Larry Brown Sports, Break, Philly.com, Sports Pickle, MSN Now, Fox Sports, and countless other sites.

I held off, because I wasn’t 100 percent convinced it wasn’t an act. But apparently it wasn’t. The star of the video, one Kimberly Lewis, went on Richmond’s NBC affiliate to explain what happened, telling the reporter that she is four months pregnant and it may have been the hormones talking.

“I was so devastated,” Lewis told the station. “I had to walk back to the car empty-handed. I didn’t have anybody to talk to or anything, because I was by myself, so the only thing I could do was make a video about it.”


“I was just super disappointed today,” Lewis went on. “That’s really it. I think, part of me being such a super fan, I thought I would be more, too. I think that’s also why I was so heartbroken.”

She said she wouldn’t be going back to camp, just as she promised in her video. But she said her fandom was safe.

“I am a diehard fan,” she said. “I always will be.”