RGIII has been in Richmond less than a week, and there have been countless sightings of the Redskins quarterback around town. Fans have asked for pictures at dinner and autographs at camp. They’re even snapping photos of him at the Krispy Kreme drive-through.

It seems like the guy can’t go anywhere without being flocked by fans, and some have suggested we let him live in peace for a while. Well RGIII’s mom, Jackie Griffin, says it’s all good. In fact, she calls it a blessing.

“That’s also a testimony to the anointing that’s on his life,” she told Chick Hernandez, when asked about the enthusiasm fans have for all things RGIII. “We’ve always believed that he has a grace by God. So even at Baylor, he was big man on campus but he had the same type of — I’m not going to say issues, because it’s a blessing to have people really loving you and caring about you enough to want an autograph. That is amazing to me. And it is an honor when I see people loving on my son like that.”

RGIII’s grandmother, Juley Allen, was also in on the chat, wearing a hat autographed by her grandson. Pretty sure she didn’t need to stalk him at dinner to get it, though.