(Screengrab via MASN)
(Screengrab via MASN)

“Do you know what Taylor Jordan’s tattoo on his arm is?” a Nats fan asked me in early July. “Looks like a crab claw. I figured you are the expert in this matter.”

Sadly, it’s hard to be expert in matters like this when I never leave my computer. But luckily, true experts still exist in the world. Like MASN’s Julie Alexandria.

“I’ve gotten a lot of questions from fans regarding what is the tattoo on Taylor Jordan’s right forearm,” Alexandria reported during Sunday’s blowout win. “It is actually a Hawaiian fishhook, which signifies good luck. He and a few buddies all have the exact same tattoo.

“He happens to be an avid fisherman — he spent the All-Star break fishing in Florida with his girlfriend,” Alexandria continued. “When he was a kid, he took a fishhook to the cheek. He said it didn’t go all the way in, but it definitely grazed him. But it didn’t scare him, it didn’t turn him off to fishing. He likes to fish as much as he can when he’s not playing baseball.”

“Nice,” Bob Carpenter said. “I think all of us have had a fishhook at various times in fingers hands arms, and hopefully no higher. But a good hobby.”

“A guy with a hook on his arm throws a slider and not a curveball, go figure,” F.P. Santangelo added.

For the record, I’ve never had a fishhook at various times in my fingers hands or arms.

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(Screengrab via MASN)