The first time I saw Trent Williams in a HOGS T-shirt was during the offseason, via his Instagram account. Of course, he was taking a photo of himself in a mirror, so the letters were all backwards. Here he is, with the image reversed.

(Via @LindsayFox5)

Now it’s training camp. The sleeves are shorter. The weather is hotter. The tattoos are more bountiful, if I’m not mistaken. But the message is still the same. Whether or not Williams turns out to be a legitimate heir to that name, you have to love the nod to history.

As for his interview with Fox 5’s Lindsay Murphy, well, Williams apparently does not like hearing criticism of his quarterback.

“Definitely,” Williams said, when asked if he has greater motivation to protect Robert Griffin III this season. “Robert’s a great guy. I hate to see him go through anything. I definitely want to keep people off his back. You know, he gets such a rap, because of him getting hurt, [people] saying that it’s his fault. So we definitely try to keep people off of him.”