(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Media members and diehard Nats fans have been looking towards next week’s home series against the Braves for weeks. With what seemed to be the NL East’s two best rosters, and with both teams facing easy second-half schedules, and with nine head-to-head meetings remaining, it seemed that the Nats and Braves would go a long way toward deciding the division title while sharing a field.

But that series has gotten a bit less appealing in recent days, as the Braves stretched their division lead to 10 games and the Nats continued to be weird.

And thus, ticket prices. Now, I’m no expert in the secondary market, but I would have expected an August series between two division contenders to have at least mediocre demand. Instead, check this out, via StubHub.

Aug 5: 3,528 tickets, starting at $8.88.

Aug. 6: 5,186 tickets, starting at $6.50.

Aug. 7: 5,206 tickets, starting at $6.50.

And there aren’t just one or two cheapies. For the Aug. 6 game, there are 416 tickets priced at $10 or less. For the Aug. 7 game, that number is 256.

Now, these numbers aren’t out of line with future Nats games, but that’s sort of the point. There does not seem to be any building sense that next week’s series matters more than, say, the following series against the Phillies. (Friday’s and Saturday’s Phillies games — prime nights, obviously — both have about 5,000 tickets for sale, starting at about $12.)

Going outside the realm of baseball, of course, is completely unfair; the number of games, seats and season-ticket holders are all different, as are the printed prices and secondary market countours. Still, unfairness has never stopped me before. Thus, check this out.

Redskins, Aug. 19, vs. Steelers: 5,235 tickets, starting at $13.

Redskins, Aug. 24, vs. Bills: 5,654 tickets, starting at $8. There are 59 seats for $10 or less.

Mystics, July 31, vs. Liberty: 45 tickets, starting at $9. (These are suite seats. But still.)

Mystics, Aug. 4, vs. Sparks: 45 tickets, starting at $14. (These are also suite seats. I gotta try that, actually. Look for me in a Mystics suite on Sunday.)

Chelsea, Aug. 10, vs. AC Roma at RFK: 661 tickets, starting at $65.

The point? I mean, there is no point. There’s never a point. Would you rather the point be “the Nats mis-treated Drew Storen wahhhhhhh wah wah wah?” No, I’ll just keep copy and pasting StubHub prices, thanks very much.

Anyhow, go buy seats to that Braves series. YOLO, and all. Just don’t wear a Braves hat.