(Screengrab via McLeanBible.org)

We’ve been talking a lot lately about weird Cowboys fans living in D.C., spurred on by all those weird Cowboys fans going to Redskins training camp in Richmond.

Turns out James Brown has also been talking about this phenomenon. The veteran sportscaster (and DeMatha grad) delivered a guest sermon at McLean Bible Church over the weekend, with a football theme. (It was called Break the Huddle; Run the Play.) And before he got into the meat of his talk, he had a little aside.

“I have to ask this question,” Brown began. “I know that with football season approaching, there are a lot of people who have a number of different teams that they like. But I’m just curious: how many Dallas Cowboy fans do we have here? Raise their hands. Wow. Wow.”

Here he seemed to grimace, as seen above.

“I am going to ask Pastor Solomon to conduct a healing service as soon as he possibly can here in Redskins territory,” Brown said. “That’s amazing. You know, I say that because Jerry Jones is a friend of mine, and he has talked about how the Washington D.C. area has more Cowboy fans per capita than any other city in the country. That’s a shame, as far as I’m concerned.”

Agreed! But I bet many cities in Texas have more Cowboy fans per capita than D.C. Hope so, anyhow.

Watch the sermon here.

(Via Ball Hogs Radio)