That Redskins running back Alfred Morris appears excessively humble and accommodating for an NFL star is nothing new. Still, Morris keeps finding new ways to impress.

The latest — or one of the latest, anyhow — came last week during training camp, when a fan began conversing with Morris on Instagram, before practice. The exchange:

Fan: Hey @thoroughbred_fred , Milo’s waiting on the sidelines for your autograph. It’s 9000 degrees so please make the next 4 hours of sitting and waiting worth it. K? Thx.

Morris: Have to be more specific than the sidelines. That could be anywhere

Fan: 10 yard like left side. Can’t miss us!! Camped out right on the yellow rope front row!!

Morris: your left or our left?

Fan: the one by the kids zone.

Fan: if I look behind me there’s a remax hot air balloon.

Morris: ok well I’ll do my best to get over there. Put on a bright shirt or make a sign so you can standout lol

Fan: will do!!

Morris: Thanks!

Morris found them. Eventually, that led to the photo seen at the top of this item. Which is not a bad photo, as training camp photos go.

And then, more dialog:

Fan: All worth it!! After 5 hours of standing in the heat, we watched an exciting practice and after it was over hear “has anyone seen milo?!?” It was @thoroughbred_fred !!!!! Day? Made. You’re a class act Mr Morris!!

Morris: thanks just making sure the drive was not in vain

Fan: It was def not in vain. Thanks again!

(Via Reddit via a pal)